Edge of the Empire GM Prep

Our home base is Nar Shadda. Our Hired-gun Trandoshan, Sss’Tok has her nest there. There’s also work a-plenty for Oskara the Bounty Hunter (+Makara her trouble magnet sister) and Kort our smuggler on the run.  Our mechanic is a refitted B2 Super battle droid, who’s been on the run since the Clone Wars.

We’re playing in 2hour sessions so no time for fancy coffees, it’s gotta be espresso.

I’m using Fly Casual, Lords of Nal Hutta, The Unknown Regions and The Clone Wars guide.  A bolt hit me while playing Imperial Assault —I can use the puzzle maps to make game maps and upload them to Roll20!!!

I’m pretty excited about playing online. There are a TON of tools, widgets and what-not to plug into G+ Hangouts. I’m currently in between paper and Google Drive for notes and stats. I have trust issues about my data. I hope to move to an all-digital solution that works with Hangouts.

Roll20 has some fantastic support for EotE, lots of shiny, fiddly, beautiful things…we’ll see how it goes.

Plot…there ain’t none. Some lucky winner will have their obligation front and center of session one. There will be cargo to be transported/smuggled (Ala Fly Casual) and bounties to run down.

———P L A Y E R    S P O I L E R S     F O L L O W————————-
Here’s my GM fun list.
1. Cross in the events of the Bounty Hunter Wars the timeframe is about right to see if the PCs bite.
2. N-K Necrosis >:) The closest I could get to using Grievous as an NPC.
3. Playing in the ruins of the Death Star!
4. Ganks!!!
5. Something strange from the unknown regions!

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