Smuggler’s Jig

We’ve nailed down a few things from our pre-game Hangout for what we want out of a Edge of the Empire game.
We had our pre-game talk yesterday  and it looks like we’ve got a Twi’lek bounty hunter, a Human smuggler, a Droid mechanic and some Trandoshan muscle. We’re going to focus on Space Western feel of SW. Bounties and smuggling is our fare with strong recurring NPCs and a homebase to anchor everyone…and of course Hutts!  I’m doing a little legwork to figure out where homebase is. I’ve been looking around Hutt space, but I should probably ask my players!

I’ve been tooling around with the various G+ Hangout plugins and Roll20. I’ll keep ya posted about what tooling I settled in with and the whys-and-where-fores.

In addition to the core rulebook, I’m working mostly with Fly Casual and Lords of Nal Hutta.

We’re rolling in a YT-1300 and I’m loving the many Star Wars ship deck plans on Deviant Art.


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