Corioilis:The Colonel’s Legacy – Ep01 Mad Jay Commentary

Rich and I are playing the scifi RPG Coriolis for Comic Strip AP podcast, you’ll want to give that a listen (@15 minutes) before reading this. You can find it at
There Are Spoilers

So this 15-minute podcast format is ZANY! I am super new at it and felt a bit awkward in this first session.
At this point in time, we have a few episodes recorded and I’m anxious AF. The whole process happens soooo fast. A very different feel than running via hangouts for folks, even more so than running games at the table. I am figuring out the path.

I’ve run Coriolis thrice as one-shots. The setting is exotic and grabs at me – like an umber hulk. Since it is all new to Rich (the player) my intent is to introduce something new every session — lore, factions, mechanics, places to avoid setting dump.

The series revolves around Samir’s involvement with the Legion. Mechanically, that’s his personal problem on his PC sheet. In episode 01 we get introduced to Samir a few of his crew, his patron, Dr. Wana and his ‘nemesis’, Taba. The conceit is that Samir and his crew have just finished the ‘Dark Flowers’ introduction scenario. We get in the basic skill checks and a nice cliffhanger. Ep02 we warm up to the combat mechanics. I plan to not shy from engaging with these because of the media format. I think with editing and familiarity we can make it smooth. Coriolis has some crunchy bits to it’s combat rules that I like. I was skeptical of the action points and combat options… until I got it on the table and saw it in action.

One on one play is a different beast too, right? I feel that is a big factor that makes the 15-minute format of Comic Strip AP shine.

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