The Vipers @Six Towers : Mercy, Mercy me. S01:02

I’m back at the helm of my local game table. We’re playing Blades in the Dark. My folks got character creation and a score completed while I was away. I’m picking up GM duties from there.

The Free play part was very useful for me to get to know the different characters since I wasn’t there from the beginning. The crew are the Vipers, an assassin crew that runs ransom jobs out of Brightstone. With the help of the Crows, they are set up in an old Bluecoat guard station in Six Towers. I spend a little time getting to know the characters as told by the players. Little Finger, the orphan Lurk from Akoros. Dust our tinkerer Leech and Hildegard, our demon enthusiast Whisperer. Both from Tycheros. Our racist  anti-Akoros Cutter, Magnus.  The Vipers also have a Spider, but he was elsewhere tonight.

fcce3d988364c2e6a7a5e41c0ac708c6_originalBrenna from the Crows gang visits the Vipers with a job. Assassinate an Iruvian official –straight from the book! I know they’re an assassin crew, but are they really assassins? Will they kill and at what cost? I’d like to know. The crew shelved that job for a simple grab and hold job from Rolan Wotts, a magistrate with a need to win over truth. The job would have gone smoothly too if it weren’t for a risky engagement and a couple Devil’s bargains.

I had planned an easy score to get us all united at the table again. I was taking over a game Jeremiah had started and I had been away from the table for some time. I figured a kidnap job gets us reacquainted with the rules, we’ll generate some new fiction – life is good! The risky result of the engagement roll generated a flashback. The assault they had planned for had some drunken stragglers enter the abandoned park yelling the target’s name. Magnus sets himself up at the last bar the target was at before heading home so he can be following the stragglers following the target. Magnus is spotted by Mercy, a cold killer and his enemy; the Devil’s Bargain. She follows Magnus following the stragglers following the target. That’s trouble already!

Later, Magnus and Little Finger take out the stragglers while Dust and Tiger “befriend” the target who is seriously intoxicated. They can hear a nearby pistol shot – the second Devil’s Bargain. The assumption at the table is Mercy shoots Magnus. Magnus braces himself, only it’s the target that gets shot. Everyone can see Mercy at the edge of the bridge into Coalbridge with her pistol smoking. She slides it into a bracer and has another held up high for them to see as she walks away! The target collapses and is gushing blood. Magnus can’t let this action by Mercy just go, he draws and fires on her winging her, she fires back…but not at Magnus, she aims for Little Finger who is near Magnus. Magnus resists and shoves Little Finger out of the way. Mercy walks off into the night.

Two dead and the target shot – the agreement was the target gets kidnapped for a couple days and set free –alive!

The crew does some quick damage control via flashbacks. They get the target stable and back to their lair. There’s some heat as the Bluecoats shakedown Little Finger…again! In their first session, he overindulged his vice and paid off Bluecoats. The same two officers return hoping to be paid again, but Little Finger resists!!

We talked about the crew’s goals and drives. They like to do more work for the magistrate Rolan Wotts, make him a patron.

What I’m excited about now is NPC and Faction downtime! One of my favorite things about Stars Without Number is the faction turn A.K.A GM lonely fun time! I like getting to mechanically advance NPC/faction agendas between game sessions. ALL RPGs should do this!

On my short list of interests is Mercy. What’s her story? Since Magnus has this hate-on for Akoros, she must certainly be an Akoros native. Why are they so hostile to each other?

The Vipers are +0 with the Grey Cloaks, but they’re also operating in Grey Cloak territory… that can’t be right. I also like the idea of recurring Bluecoats shaking down Little Finger, how far does that road go? What if those Bluecoats are Grey Cloaks? O.O

And I must also pack in a little something for my Whisperer that likes to summon devils for a vice…








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