Agent Katya #2: RM-006-Creed

Katya, her mom Sophia and grandma Dariya get a four-day pass for some R&R in Anchorage, AL along with other Cerebus staff. It’s a cool brisk morning and the three women are walking from brunch. Capt Matt Walters in street clothes walks by and makes the hand gesture for “call me”. Somethings up!

Creed, an AWOL Red Mercury subject, has been spotted in the mall. Lt. Tahwana Reese is bringing in field agents Erik and Wash to help capture him. Capt. Walters tells Agent Katya not to engage, her role is to track Creed and keep the team informed. Katya notes the lethal arsenal of Capt. Walters and learns this mission is personal for Walters. Creed killed his wife.

Agent Katya takes the high ground in the mall and searches for Creed’s mind – and finds him! (Mind Scan at -7!!)

He’s running from something, trying to get to the lower levels, and he unaware of the GeoLock team onsite. She updates Walters and the team, then she reaches into Creed’s mind for what he’s running from and his memory about killing Walters wife. There’s a scavenger crew chasing Creed using the exotic Otherworld tech, they’re after his bounty.  Matt commits his team to take down Creed, he tells Katya to find the scavengers but do not engage creed. “He is mine.”

Katya finds Creed’s memory of Leslie, Walters wife. There are four other agents at Creed’s feet as Creed attacks Leslie, a GeoLock field agent. He kills her too and waits in hiding to watch Walters reaction when he arrives on scene to find his wife and her team all dead.

The mall security had shoppers exiting in an orderly and controlled manner that all fell apart when Matt and his team attack Creed at the escalators of the first level, right outside Nordstroms. Panic and chaos rapidly spread throughout the mall. Katya scans the mall again but is unable to discern the scavenger team from the human minds already present. (-7 modifier ruff!!).

Creed is pulverizing Walters team as they fallback north toward Nordstroms. Katya gets down to the lower level to help out and discovers two figures not running from the battle.  A dark haired man on a cell phone and an oddly tall figure bundled up in rain gear and a beanie. She masks herself from their detection to get closer and learns they are part of the scavenger team she was looking for. The man, Jackson was giving instructions to his teammates. The other is some kind of robot construct called seven-eleven. She takes over Jackson and forces him to order his folks to hold where they are outside and updates Lt. Reese, who is outside in the javelin.

Creed has routed Walters team except for Walters. Katya uses her Neural overload ability (Ego attack) on Creed to an unusual but incredible effect. Creed seizes up and howls in agony.  (Creed Vuln:2X Ego Attacks) This alarms Jackson and Seven-Eleven, they move to higher ground. Creed threatens Katya, though he can’t see her, he knows she’s nearby so he quickly finishes off Matt.

Katya concentrates and gathers herself for another go at Creed, she is unable to muster enough to do it (failed activation roll on Ego attack) and the energy is wearing her down. Creed, still unable to locate his attacker escapes out the mall after another round of explosives from Jackson and Seven-Eleven.

Katya checks on Walters and the other fallen troopers. Jackson and Seven-Eleven make good an escape. Lt. Reese unloads the Javelin’s arsenal on Creed in the mall’s parking lot taking him down.

The last panel shows a subdued,  wall-manacled and sedated Creed giving Katya the stink-eye in the Javelin as they fly back to Cerebus HQ.




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