Corioilis: The Colonel’s Legacy – Ep02 Mad Jay Commentary

The Colonel’s Legacy – Ep02: Tabah’s Quest
THERE BE SPOILERS – Listen first!

Original published 16 Aug 2017
In Coriolis the PC group gets a Patron and a Nemesis at creation. Tabah is the Nemesis NPC. He served in the same Legion company with Samir and many of the same missions.
I wanted to get a first pass at the combat mechanics and I wanted to see Samir and Tabah interact and under pressure. Tabah is direct, forceful. A no-loose-ends guy.
While he’s overbearing, he knows where his limits are.
He wants to hit the high score and live well afterward.
But we should not forget, Tabah is concentrated violence.

I also wanted to make sure we didn’t shy from the combat mechanics, even in 15 minutes of airtime, I don’t want to short that. We took a nice easy stroll through the combat mechanics. Rich has not played Coriolis before, my approach was to let him decided fictionally what he wanted to do and I’d apply the rules and explain them. We’ll build on that with each combat encounter.
I forget combat initiative in Coriolis is simply a D6.
Random. Chaos.
There are talents that could give you extra dice and actions options that’ll let you change your initiative in combat. I have a soft spot for game mechanics that make combat chaotic, a swingy initiative counts. Stars without Number makes combat chaotic with it’s move to d20 for combat checks vs the d6 checks for skills. I love that!
Anyway, 3 Action Points to spend on combat actions and reactions. You’ll need to save them to use defensively when being attacked. NPCs can only use reactions if the GM spends Darkness Points. In play, this makes for a pretty lethal and rapid combat encounter, especially if the NPCs have a numbers advantage. It’s tactical, but theatre of the mind. IRL, I’ll sketch out a map just for visuals.

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