The Vipers @Six Towers [S01:03] Another one bites the dust.


And the verdict is in…The Vipers are killaz! 

The score is the assassination of an Iruvian official, Duarval, that’s in town this week. The Crows (+2 Faction)  ask the Vipers to do the job.

The crew tracks down the official’s schedule, his entourage and decide to do the killin’ at a big Gala being held for Duarval at Bowmore Manor. They’re going in undercover as caterers. The engagement result is risky. They have followed Duarval and a gaggle of consorts upstairs only to hear the very familiar voice of their buddy Nolan Wotts greeting Duarval from a suite off the grand hall. Nolan, Duarval and the consorts retire to the suite closing and locking the door behind them.

Little Finger goes to listen at the door but he is wracked with electrifying pain. Hildegard(Whisper) comes running down the hall and manages to trap the sentry ghost in a bottle.(Flashback!)

There are sounds of laughter and giggles behind that door, then a small click and the door opens. One of the consorts winks at Little Finger. Earlier he had hired these folks associated with his Rose to bind and blindfold Duarval and guests. (Flashback).

Little Finger enters the suite to do the deed.

Downstairs, Duarval’s guy friday storms in with three Iruvians, swords out. They’re headed for upstairs. Dust and Ananse make like Abbott and Costello to distract and hinder them, releasing Dust-made toxins throughout the party to cause a ruckus and spilling liquids and entrees on the Iruvians.

The upstairs team makes good their exit using the floorplans procured earlier (Flashback!) by Ananse.

And they make Wanted Level 1!


During downtime, they reveal the identity of the lairs ghost…Roric, former leader of the Crows.

Lord Claremont’s assets have been audited and stolen by Ananse.

Mercy and the Lampblacks have been framed in the Duarval murder at Bowmore Manor.

Next Session SPOILERS….


New Clocks!!

  • Ghost in the Bottle!
  • Bowmore’s Investigation
  • Claremont Library Heist
  • Roric’s Revenge!

The Grey Cloaks have made the ‘tithe-awareness’ rounds, they’ve moved on to some ‘house cleaning’ in Six Towers.

Rose has a new suitor!





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