The Vipers @Six Towers: This is Why We Fight. [S01:04]

Time to take some turf…

There is a nice small, temple in Brightstone. It’s got wealth in coin moving through it. The Vipers decide to take over that operation by taking out the guy managing it, Aldo Breakiron. Only Aldo, as it turns out, works for Lord Scurlock.

And Scurlock is a Vampire.

While casing the temple, Little finger discovers an old colleague, Thorn, is also casing the place.

They wack Aldo in his bed and plant daggers left behind by Thorn as murder weapons…as framing folks is their new MO.

Status with Lord Scurlock: -2
Reprisals come quickly from Lord Scurlock –his people grab occultist Melisandre, Hildegarde’s (the Whisperer)  vice purveyor.

During the downtime Magnus works over a few thugs on their new turf that are loyal to Scrulock, he’s looking for information on where Melisandre was taken. Hildegarde contacts the devils he and Melisandre have contacted together to get help, including the one in the bottle they captured the last score.  Hildegarde attacks the location where Scurlock’s people have Melisandre, he rescues her and burns the place down leaving only a coin from his homeland Tycheros.

Little Finger goes to see Rose, only to discover another dapper gentleman came a-callin’ before him and he must wait. Plying the brothel’s staff and clientele he figures out that man ain’t no gentleman, he’s Clavon, an eerie underworld assassin with almost no details available about him. He’s not around often, but he only calls on Rose.When he does see her, Little Finger talks to Rose about leaving the brothel. (LTP)

Dust takes Kristov of the Grey Cloaks out drinking. He wants something he can use to get in good with the Grey Cloaks and learns how they came about.


P C   S P O I LE R S

Looking over the clocks I have ticking:

Ghost in the Bottle: +1 tick and completes. The late Duarval’s man, Friday,  knows where the Vipers are. He will visit with swords. And their hold is weak!

Holtz Clermont : 3/4.  Anase has control of the Clermont assets, Holtz Clermont is making moves relating to one Tabissera Diary in the Clermont Library.

Bowmore Investigation: Completed. The murder-assassination at the Bowmore manor of Duarvel is completed. As shit rolls downhill,  a Bluecoat will visit the Vipers. They want a fall guy, not from Six Towers, to pin this on so it’s not on his watch. And their hold is weak!

Roric’s Revenge: Completed! Somebody is getting possessed!





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